THE CARIBBEAN INSTITUTE OF HEALING AND CULTURAL ARTS, aka CIHCA, was established in 2000 under the direction of

Mela Berger, HHP, to provide an exceptional education in Bodywork and related Healing Arts. Accessible to Barbados and surrounding Caribbean areas, CHICA promotes humane and healthy lifestyles. The study of the customs, traditions and history of the people of the African Diaspora helps to restore esteem, respect and appreciation for an incredibly rich and valuable culture.  The primary mission of all CIHCA programs is to help restore balance to humanity.  CIHCA’S emphasis on somatic studies increases emotional intelligence which benefits all.

Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork have become recognized as important components of contemporary healthcare. Accessible education is an essential part of maintaining a population of properly trained, qualified therapists. The CIHCA curriculum is among the best available. Caribbean students have access to the same quality of education they would find overseas. As CIHCA students advance in their education, they are exposed to a variety of modalities and instructors from around the world. CIHCA is an independent affiliate of The International Professional School of Bodywork in the United States. (see )

In addition to the permanent faculty, CIHCA independently contracts with a variety of renowned master

instructors, currently teaching in a variety of professional organizations overseas.  CIHCA offers professional training for therapists, as well as an assortment Personal Development classes and seminars that are open to the general public.